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Making ancient footwear

February 14, 2010

Below you can see some pics taken at our Ancient Technology Department´s course regarding making and using traditional footwear.

Sewing a 2-piece Iron Age style shoe inside out.

After sewing, the shoe is turned right side out (hence the term ´turnshoe´) when wet. Then its pulled on for the first time. Note the green welt at the seam.

This Medieval shoe is not sewed inside out, since the sole is 5 mm thick and would not turn. Stiching is done from the sole to the upper via welt ´side-flesh-welt-flesh-grain´.

Previous shoe almost done. Again, note the welt hiding the stiches.

Below two pictures of a simple 1-piece ´rabbit nose´ design. The leather is spruce bark and seal oil tanned goat.

Thanks to all of my students for great work! The course is only two weeks (one week left), but most of the participants will have time to make two pairs.

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