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Grasp and let go

April 20, 2010

Please stop and think… Are you trying to understand something? Or are you trying to understand all? Or perhaps the question is irrelevant to you? Please stop and think… Which one is your way?

Now, in order to grasp the meaning of anything, one must see the context. In the same way, in order to see all, one should be aware of the parts. This is very difficult, perhaps often even impossible. However, we humans can embrace totality and pecuriality of life when a certain balance is struck. A balance that grows out of the mundane and sacred, physical and mental, simple and complex, understanding and also not knowing. You see, not understanding and knowing it, is crucial ingredient of wisdom.

I don´t pretend to know anything, but I have ideas. If these ideas resonate with others´ ideas, then there is common ground and these ideas become a field of thought, feeling and communication. Only with communication of our thoughts and feelings can we understand each other.

With understanding can also division become apparent. Don´t look the other way, since life is a system of difference always trying to balance itself. See yourself as part of the whole, and everything becomes naturally connected. Loss and gain, good and bad, whatever might emerge. This doesen´t mean you should be detached or indifferent. You are still you, living exactly your life. You are responsible, but also inherently innocent. To a point.

So what is my message? Don´t get lost in the totality of it all, and don´t get lost in the small parts trying to grind your being into meaningless fragments of reactionary human pulses. Stop and get centered. See. Feel. Think. You´ll get what I mean… It doesen´t matter if you are smart or not, young or old, poor or rich, man or woman… When you absolutely give yourself a chance, you will find a way. Now isn´t that comforting?

Grasp and let go.

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  1. April 20, 2010 22:44

    Beautifully written.

    • April 20, 2010 23:03

      Thanks Lauren.

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