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No money for Mark

September 17, 2010

The fact that Mark Boyle has no money in his pocket is a conscious choice. Most of us spend our lives to battle for the opposite, right? But this man seems totally happy with his lifestyle, so perhaps there is something to be said about nasty trappings of wealth.

Recent US research suggests that happiness is in fact connected to material wealth and security, but it has its limits, scientists say. According to the study, most Americans would be okay with 75.000 $ annual income, and after that, no matter how much more money you get, your happiness doesen´t increase. (More on the subject here.)

For the original article on Mark, goto: I live without cash – and I manage just fine | Mark Boyle | Environment |

Oh, and don´t forget to check out Mark´s Freeconomy Community. Its growing…

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  1. September 17, 2010 17:23

    Onko kenelläkään tietoa vastaavista elämäntaparatkaisuista Suomessa?

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