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Juoksa – The Sámi Bow

October 25, 2010

Juoksa bows made during the last juoksa building course at  the Sámi Education Institute (Sámi oahpahasguovddáš) have now received a fantastic venue for everyone to see! To see the bows, please visit Siida – a central meeting place in Inari, the heart of the Sámi Area in Finland.

Siida itself is a window on Sámi culture and the diverse nature of Northern Lapland. At Siida, you can acquaint yourself with changing exhibitions on culture, art and nature throughout the year.

Already the ancient Romans knew about the Phinnoi, the people that hunted with arrowheads made from bone. The Scandinavian historical sources from the Middle Ages praise the archery skills of the Sámi as well as their strong bows which a Norwegian “could not string”. The North Sámi called this bow juoksa. A boy turned into a man when he was able to string the bow. At that point, he also had to start paying taxes. Organiser: Sámi Museum

More information on the exhibition here.

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