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I teach ancient technology & primitive skills at Mynämäki School of Craft & Design. I graduated from the same department some years ago, becoming an Artisan of Ancient Technology. Some twenty years ago I also studied archaeology at Helsinki University, but never managed to acquire my master´s degree. Instead, I began working in computer games import and distribution. This work culminated in the role of product & marketing manager for a Nordic publishing & distribution company.

In addition to my current work with students of ancient technology, I plan and execute workshops on various aspects of ancient technology, including Stone Age primitive skills, Iron Age bronze casting, Medieval crafts etc. I also give lectures and demonstrations on the subject, consult event and exhibition organizers, help TV and movie productions, and accept private students under certain conditions. I accept custom work orders on craft items, produce presentations on my field of specialty etc.

In the past (2003-2006) I have given classes on Western Martial Arts, mainly 13th and 14th Century Italian fencing, wrestling etc. This martial art work was performed within the famous School of European Swordsmanship, run by Mr. Guy Windsor. (For more information on the Swordschool, click here.)

I´m proud to be founding member of “Stone Age Action Group Kuttelo”, which gives Stone Age a dramatic and living twist through experiental and experimental research. Our group is made of professionals in the fields of ancient technology and archaeology. We give lectures and organize camps, demonstrations and workshops, while also consulting event organizers. Our group is capable of taking full responsibility of Stone Age themed events from planning to execution. (For more information on Kuttelo, please visit our official Facebook pages or contact yours truly.)

Please note, that If you´d like to request a craft item made by me, I kindly ask for patience since my manufacturing and delivery times at the moment can be long. For more information, don´t hesitate to ask!

Right now?

At the moment my professional life is divided between teaching, securing the future of ancient technology education in Finland, customer orders, and ´One Year in Stone Age´ research project. (For more information on OYSA, click here.)

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